Welcome to RAYS Soccer!

RAYS participates in the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) which is a national youth soccer organization.
Our goal is to promote a safe, fun, education and team oriented approach to the game of soccer.  RAYS coaching staff provides your child with lessons in respect, responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship and leadership.

AYSO believes strongly in six basic philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays – Each child is required to play at least one-half of each game.
  • Balanced Teams – AYSO believes that children enjoy playing more and learn more from the game when teams are as closely matched as possible.
  • Open Registration – Any child who wishes to play may do so, regardless of ability or skill level.
  • Positive Coaching – AYSO holds that children develop best when they are given encouragement rather than being “put down”. AYSO expects coaching to be positive, instructional, and encouraging at all times.
  • Good Sportsmanship – AYSO instills good sportsmanship in all of its programs.
  • Player Development – The goal of player development is to embrace the objective of improving the soccer skills and knowledge of every AYSO player.

Season Calendar

Look Forward to Fall Soccer Dates! 



Practice Schedule

U6 – To be determined

U8 – To be determined

U10 – To be determined

U12 – To be determined

U14 – To be determined

U16 – To be determined


First Games – To be determined

Last Season Game – To be determined

New State Tournament Date – To be determined

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